Danglzs Charms

All Danglzs charms are produced using artisan hand assembly and the latest high-resolution printing technology.  Furthermore, because Danglzs designs and manufactures all of our printing and UV and UV finishing equipment, we can ensure the highest quality, the shorted delivery times, and the lowest cost possible for our photo charms.

 About Danglzs Charms

Dangles charms are truly different than what you will find anywhere.  Here are some of the features that set us apart from our competition:

  • All our charms are two-sided, with high-resolution full-color printed images on both sides.
  • Our charms are printed edge-to-edge for maximum photo sizing and clarity.
  • Our printing process is further enhanced by the application of three different formulations of our proprietary UV coatings.
  • Our coatings totally seal the image, so our charms can be worn without concern if they get wet.
  • The final coating is specifically designed to produce a diamond hard surface for a look and feel that is truly glass-like.
  • All our charms are offered with our custom Dangles thematic messaging, designed to capture a personal and emotional experience.
  • We will soon have available over 1000 (and counting) highly creative thematic messages.
  • Depending on the theme selected, our system can handle up to 10 different types of personal information – significantly more than any competitor can offer with a simple name and/or date.
  • We do not restrict the number of characters or digits that you can use for your personalization.
    • Our system is totally flexible, so you do not have to abbreviate personal text.
  • Our bales and loops are S925 Sterling Silver to ensure the highest quality and brilliance possible.
  • Our bracelet charms will fit Pandora and other major brand charm bracelets.
    • The inside dimension of our bracelet bale is approximately 3/16 (.187) inch/4.5mm diameter.


About Danglzs Process

  • Our company is the designer, producer, and owner of our entire line of photo charms – you will not find them available from any other company. 
  • Danglzs is a USA company and all of our products are shipped from our Orlando, Florida facility.
  • Each of our charms is designed with customized geometry and produced on our company owned tooling.
  • The Danglzs process for producing photo charms is unique and proprietary involving custom made equipment, tools, fixtures, and techniques.
    • We have both Utility and Design patents pending.
  • Our coatings are specially formulated for our process to reduce assembly time and improve the sealing of the image for maximum protection.
  • We engineer and manufacture our custom printers for precisely printing high-resolution photos directly onto our charms.
  • Our charms come in a number of shapes which have been market tested and refined to meet the needs and wants of our targeted customer base.
  • The design of our charms and equipment have been integrated into a proprietary process which allows us to report to you where your charm is in its assembly. 
  • Our exclusive process allows us to handle last minute changes, even if your order has been released to to our assembly department.