Our Story

The story of Danglzs is a classic tale of a pair of entrepreneurs looking to offer a “better mousetrap.”  With years of experience printing incredibly detailed images onto small, curved objects we thought, “What other types of products could we offer . . . something that would be vastly better than anything already being sold?”

And so, began our journey onto what eventually became an entirely new company offering a significantly different product to the marketplace.  Our company name is Danglzs and our product is a different type of photo charms that centers around our double-sided, edge-to-edge, direct surface printing system.  No paper cutouts.  No tiny squares with images you can hardly detect.  And no restrictions on the number of characters you can provide for a name or date.  We spent years formulating coatings, developing molds, designing printing and curing equipment, and perfecting an entire manufacturing process so you can have a charm that is unique, personal, and beautiful.  We hope you agree that it was time well spent!

We encourage you to spend a few minutes checking out the variety of themes and unique messages we now offer.  And be sure to come back in the weeks and months ahead to see how that list has grown!

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