Care and Cleaning


Our Danglzs charms are made with proprietary materials and processes to ensure the highest quality and longest lasting images possible.  Our coatings are comprised of three different formulations that were developed by us with the goal of providing a diamond hard surface with maximum shine and brilliance.  And, because of our special coating process, our charms are totally water-proof.  In fact, if you forget to remove your charms before bathing or showering, you can rest assured that the images will not be damaged.  With that stated, you should refrain from wearing most jewelry, including our charms, when swimming in salt water or chlorine treated swimming pools.  Salt water and harsh chemicals will dull the finish of metals, precious stones, and other high-gloss surfaces.

Charm Cleaning

While we use the best materials available and the sealer finish is industrial grade, you should still treat your Charm with the sort of care you would any fine piece of jewelry or wearable accessory. The more care you take with your Charm, the longer it will retain its lustrous shine and beautiful color and clarity.

To clean your Charm, simply wipe with a damp cloth and warm water; then wipe it dry. To maintain the high-gloss shine, occasional polishing with a regular furniture or jewelry polish works best. Just be sure not to use any type of cleanser or polish that has an abrasive additive. Also, we recommend STAYING AWAY from alcohol, glass cleaner, ammonia, chlorine bleach, or other harsh cleansers. There simply is no need for them because the high-gloss sealer we use cleans best with warm water.

Sterling Silver Cleaning

For the sterling silver bale and other such items, you can use a silver polish and a soft cloth. If you get the polish on the charm, it will not cause any damage, but you should focus on polishing only the silver items with the polish. And, silver will tarnish after time, so it will need to be cleaned and polished from time to time.