Danglzs User Accounts

Benefits of Danglzs User Account

A Danglzs User Account offers our customers the ability to upload and save photos, to save charm designs for future use, to access previous charms that they’ve purchased to make changes for a new order, and many other features. 

How to Create a Danglzs User Account

We need very little information to create an account.  Basically, all we need to create the account is your name, an e-mail address and a password.


Danglzs does not sell any customer information to anyone, period.  Furthermore, we will never share customer information with other companies or individuals not associated with Danglzs or involved with the transaction, such as the bank card issuer, the shipping company, etc.  For more information about this, please review our Privacy Policy.


With a Danglzs User Account you can do the following:

  • See all orders past and current
  • See the actual items ordered with the ability to click on them to open up those items in the Personalizer so you can edit and reorder, if needed.
  • Save images you’ve uploaded so you do not have to continuously upload the same images for future use.
  • Use a previously created charm image or message for a different charm.
  • Quickly make changes to an order that has not shipped.
  • Initiate and track a Return.
  • Track an order through our production process.
  • Access the shippers tracking number with a link to their site.
  • Receive notices of new themes or new items associated with your favorite themes.
  • Receive notices of sales promotions.
  • Maintain your account information including your shipping address.
  • Select a different address for shipping