Free Bracelet or Necklace Chain

For a limited time, Danglzs is including with the purchase of any of our photo charms, one of our standard bracelets or necklace chains.  The offer is for one bracelet or necklace chain for each photo charm purchased.  The choice of a bracelet or necklace chain will be made based on the bale you select.

Our standard bracelets or necklace chains are silver plated jewelry items.  The bracelet is a snake style design and is approximately 8.5 inches long.  The necklace chain is one of our stock styles that is approximately 20 inches long and approximately 1.5mm thick.  Actual lengths, thickness, and styles may change and Danglzs reserves the right to make any such changes or to eliminate this special offer at any time at our own discretion.

This offer is for the bare bracelet or necklace chain and does not include any charms, beads, spacers, or related jewelry items.

If the photo charm purchased is returned per our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee or warranty policies, the bracelet or necklace chain included with that purchase as part of this offer must also be returned to receive full refund for the price of the returned photo charm.  If the bracelet or necklace chain is not returned or if it is returned in a damaged or unacceptable condition, Danglzs will deduct from the refund the current price of the bracelet or necklace chain.

This offer is limited to the terms as specified here and cannot be substituted nor exchanged for any other item, cash refund, or cash equivalent.  If the buyer choses to upgrade to a premium grade bracelet or necklace chain, Danglzs will provide a discount for the purchase of that upgraded item based on the current price of the standard bracelet or necklace chain.  For details on the current amount of that discount, please contact Danglzs customer support.