Personalized Info/Text

This is where you will provide the personalized text information that appears on Side B of the Danglzs charm.  Simply type the information into the text boxes below and it will appear in the viewer to the right.

The font, font size, font color, and position of the text have already been designed into the system.  Furthermore, you are not restricted to a specific number of characters.  We have designed this process to fit whatever you type into the available space on the charm.  Obviously, if you use really long text you may find the letters are a bit scrunched together, but they will be there!!

Please note that the text as it appears on the sample charms on our website may be typed with the caps lock on.  If what you are typing does not look like the text in the sample charm, try using the caps lock on your key board.

If you still are not able to get the text to appear like the sample, you can engage a chat with us now by click on the Chat icon at the bottom right corner of the screen or send us your Feedback by using the slide-out button on the right side of the screen.